Friday, June 29, 2007

More Alphabet Pictures

Here are some more pages for your entertainment!

Here is John painting his first water color picture while at daycare. Ms. Cynthia is so smart and creative. She is able to introduce new crafts to the kids even at such a young age by working with them individually. John is actually sitting up on the changing table and using a clip board as a table. John was around 14 months old here! I can't wait until Robby gets into her class...which should be any day now!

Who can resist a sleeping boy! This is our hotel room in Austin while we were visiting for a conference in January. Robby was 7 months old, and John was 20 months old.

Robby is my baby, but he is certainly my "BIG" boy! Richard loves the picture on the left! Most newborn pictures are of the baby all swaddled up in a blanket, but this was taken after his first bath, and it shows his actual size! He was huge! I love Robby's picture on the right because it shows his big blue eyes! Who can resist that chubby face?

I will post more pages again soon!

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