Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Alphabet Pictures

Richard and I will be going to Corpus Christi on Thursday for a Water Conference. We are looking forward to time away. My mom will come into town tomorrow afternoon to take care of the boys this weekend. She is really looking forward to seeing the boys, especially since Robby has learned to walk since she saw him last. Robby still has that excited "look at me" expression on his face! I just love that look!

Here are some more Alphabet Pictures! I hope you enjoy them!

Can you believe that John was ever that small! He was about two weeks old when Daddy put him his hat for pictures! He had a perfect "little boy" haircut too. It is one of our favorite pictures of John. The second picture was taken in November when John was 18 months old. He pretty much still looks the same...only taller! I love the expression on his face; it is the "goofy" John coming out!

Robby was laying around on the floor one day before school. John decided that would be fun too! I have them dressed in their Fireman outfits. How appropriate was it that Spot the dog also made it in the picture? Daddy has them looking so handsome for daycare!

John loves to taste lemons and limes. With this picture, we finally got his fish-face in pictures! We have a lot of fun tasting lemons, and it is a great distraction before the food comes! Now we can ask for fish-kisses, and John happily makes the face for kisses. I love it because I no longer have to get an open-mouthed kiss. (You moms out there know exactly what I'm talking about.) John never learned how to give a pucker kiss until now!

I'll have more to post when we get back into town! Take care!

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