Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mother's Day Book

Last year, I started a tradition of giving photo books to the boys' grandmothers and great-grandmothers on Mother's Day. As most of you know, I was still in the hospital on Mother's Day this year; in fact I had been there for several weeks by then. I didn't have the time to complete the books this year in time...well I had the time, but I couldn't hold the computer or type! :)

I have finally finished the book this weekend and I've sent it to print. So for your reading enjoyment I will post a few pages at a time from this year's book. It covers the time period of May 2007 - May 2008. John was 2 and Robby was 1. Some of the pictures were taken at Day Care, by Robby's teacher, Cynthia Young, and there are also a few pictures taken by Sean and Brenda Cornish. You can always click on the picture to enlarge and then hit the back button to return to my blog. I hope you enjoy!

As a side note, the 2007 Mother's Day book was on display at the hospital during my long stay. It gave me my precious boys to look at, but also something to talk about with the staff besides my current medical condition! ;) I can always talk about my boys!

The above pictures were from a collage of the pictures taken at Sears for their birthdays. I love these smiles!

We have so many pictures taken of the boys always takes so many shots to get a couple of good ones! ;) Yes, they are riding in their Tonka truck.

Last we did John's cake picture, so this year it was Robby's turn! He had chocolate cake everywhere. Grandma put him immediately into the kitchen sink to wash him down! We learned from John to go ahead and strip down to the diaper before eating was just easier that way. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is about to celebrate a first birthday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We went to Corpus Christi

this past weekend. Richard and I needed to be there to attend some meetings for the Water Association; however, our meetings weren't at the same time, so it was a great time to take the boys and have a long weekend. They really enjoyed the hotel swimming pool! Will it always be this simple to entertain them? Guess not! It sure is fun while it lasts though.

We kept it fairly low key since my feet and ankles keep swelling due to a side effect of the nerve medication. We did find some time to go shopping though since it was tax free weekend. My husband is so sweet, he suggested that I buy a new purse that I've been looking at so that people would look at my purse and not at my feet. This is what I bought along with the wallet to match!

I know it's silly, but it does make a girl feel good to have something new!
I go for IV therapy again tomorrow. I have been pain "free" from the nerves, now if my feet would just settle down again. Please pray that I have a good day tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Update on GB

I had IV therapy again today. I only had to be poked once! Yeah! My doctor came to visit me while I was lounging in my recliner. My reflexes and strength are good. She learned about the nerve in my left leg that "woke up" last week. She was pleased that it was a major vein repairing itself.

The doctor asked if I had experienced anything in my arms yet. I told her that I was going to ask her about that very thing! :) We always seem to be on the same page! We both agreed that we don't think that I will have problems with my arms since they weren't paralyzed for any real length of time. Only time will tell.

The next two things that we discussed are almost embarrassing to mention: swelling feet and a handicap placard. That's right, thanks to my nerve medicine, my feet are swelling more now than ever when I was pregnant. Her solution...SUPPORT HOSE! We also discussed the use of a handicap placard for my car. It is not like I would need it all the time, but when the nerves are repairing themselves, I'm in a lot of pain. She wrote me a prescription for the placard, but it turns out that I need a Texas application signed first from her. I was kind of hoping to have it before this weekend when we head to Corpus Christi, but that's okay. At least we are trying to get it done. Yes, I'm turning into my grandmother!

Keep praying for my continued healing! Thank you God for all that you have already done!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

We finally got the boys' pictures made

What an experience that was! We needed to be out of the house for a couple of hours on Saturday for the house to be shown, so we took the boys to get their hair cut first, then we went for pictures. The boys were in great moods and we had done everything we could to make sure they stayed nice and clean until our appointment time...then we went into the room.

Both boys decided that they were shy and they didn't want their picture taken. Now, anyone that knows my boys knows that they are not shy and they are usually hams in front of a camera. They had to take 68 pictures to get a few good ones. They also captured some pouty pictures which I loved too. You know, the ones were that make that face that you would love to show their future girlfriends, but never have a camera handy when they make the face?

So here is a collage of ones that turned out pretty good of the individual shots. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger if needed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Riding out the Storm

The boys and I are at home today riding out Tropical Storm Edouard. While we have experienced some high winds, it really hasn't been that bad. When the winds have picked up, it has been really strange to listen to them howling around the house. We have had lots of rain though! The eye of the storm is about to pass over our house in just a little while. What a weird experience!

I was supposed to have IV therapy this morning, but that got moved to tomorrow. At least I was already planning on being out of the office today, so I brought work home with me. The daycare closed, so the boys are at home with me. There is nothing like the feeling of feeling couped up with two toddlers! Oh the fun!