Monday, July 9, 2007

We are back from our vacation

We really enjoyed the Texas Hill Country for the last couple of days. We traveled to Blanco, Texas and stayed at Blanco Settlement ( which was located right on the Blanco River. When I mean we stayed right on the river, this is what we looked at each day from the back porch of our cabin:

The pictures look a little foggy since it had just finished raining yesterday, but believe me, it was beautiful and convenient!
Here is Robby showing you the front of our cabin and front porch. The flowers were so pretty because of all the recent rain!
Robby and John spent a lot of time with their bikes out on the pathway to the cabin. John felt it was his job to fill in all of the little holes in the boulders with the smaller rocks. After all, you must fill in all holes! Robby spent most of his time personally spit cleaning all of the smaller rocks! Here they are with our friend's dog, Buddy. Robby talked with Buddy a lot...I think they came to a good understanding by the end of the weekend!

The rain only came the day while we were traveling there, and then came back yesterday morning as we were packing to leave! We couldn't have asked for better weather! I spent time shopping in Blanco, Johnson City and Wimberly. We also went to Market Day at Wimberly. I even completed some of my Christmas shopping! We will definitely be going back!

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