Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Last of the Alphabet Book

These are the last pages of the alphabet book.

Doesn't John look so little in these pictures? John learned to walk about 1 week after this first birthday. He is really strutting his stuff at daycare! Robby wasn't walking at the time I made the book, but he did start walking about two weeks before his 1st birthday. I may have to reuse this letter again next year.

What else was I going to use for the letter X? I just wanted to show off John's cute smile, and Robby's big blue eyes! I think they are such cuties, but of course I'm partial!

Robby loved sitting in the bluebonnets and the tall grass. He was having a blast exploring his surroundings. These were taken at the end of April on our way home from Austin. It was the end of the wildflower season, but I was determined to get some pictures! John had just awaken from his nap, and he wasn't sure why we plopped him down in the tall grass!

John is 13 months old in these pictures. I had just had Robby, and my mother took John home to Tyler with her for a week and a half while I healed from my c-section. We went up to Tyler to pick him up and to show Robby off to his great-grandmothers. John was so excited to see us, and of course we were very excited to see him too! He and Daddy spent time running through the sprinkler out of the blue! John thought this was great fun and that Daddy was crazy! I'm just glad that I had the camera to capture all of the fun!

I hope that you have enjoyed the book. I had a lot of fun remembering all of the memories of the last two years. Memo wants another book next year! I may start working on it soon!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Superman and More

Here are more pictures from the alphabet book!

I searched hard for the perfect first Halloween costume for John. He was so hot natured that some of the infant costumes were just too hot for Houston. And then, I found the perfect solution! He was to be Superman! It was a perfect large bib that covered this entire torso. I just put a red one piece outfit underneath to complete the look. Of course I didn't know at the time (I found out about a week later) that I would get to use it again! So Robby, too, was Superman for his first Halloween!

If you look very closely, John is showing you his first tooth on his top left. Both boys got a top tooth first; however, Robby didn't have a tooth yet when I was putting together the book this year. I guess I will have to use T for Tooth again next year and get Robby's picture in too!

John, 18 months old, showed us is independence on Thanksgiving Day by going up and down the slide all by himself! Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob have a great park just down from their house that is perfect for spending up all of that extra energy! Yes, we are wearing shorts...I believe it as in the 80's that day!

This was another picture taken at daycare. It is hard to tell, but there is a Lima bean and a pasta shell stuck to John's face up near his eye. At least it is proof that he will eat vegetables even though he doesn't do it for me very often!

I'll be back soon to finish up the end of the alphabet!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Robby's Daycare Class

Robby has moved out of the nursery at the Daycare. He is now in Ms. Cynthia's room. We love Ms. Cynthia! She takes pictures of the kids during the week and emails them to the parents. It is great to know that your child is well taken care of while you are at work!

She did the same for John. In fact, some of the best pictures that I have of John between 12 & 18 months are ones the Ms. Cynthia took. He was playing and laughing with all of his friends, and she was able to capture the moment! I used several of her pictures in the book that I created for Mother's day (see below).

Here are some pictures that she has taken of Robby during the month of July.

I will share more pages of the book soon! I believe we are almost all the way through the alphabet.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Boys' Birthday Party

I have finally downloaded pictures from the Boys' Birthday party during Memorial Day weekend. We had a lot of fun celebrating John turning two and Robby turning the big one!

Here is picture of me with the boys right before we opened gifts. It is really hard to get both of them to smile and look at the camera at the same time!

They enjoyed all of their gifts. Briar, my friend and co-worker's son, helped opened gifts. John and Briar are only nine days apart. We attended Briar's party, and John helped open all of his gifts. It was only fair for Briar to get in on the fun too!

Next came cake time! I made two cakes this year. First, a lemon train for John. I decorated it with only a little icing and candies. The second train cake, was chocolate for Robby. I wanted him to be able to dig in! And boy did he ever! Memo, my mother, gave Robby a bath in the kitchen sink after Robby was finished!

We took the boys to Sears for their birthday pictures. We got some really good ones. Here are a few. We have the whole proof CD, but the prints we will pick up in a few weeks will be all finished and brushed up.

Monday, July 9, 2007

We are back from our vacation

We really enjoyed the Texas Hill Country for the last couple of days. We traveled to Blanco, Texas and stayed at Blanco Settlement (http://www.blancosettlement.com/) which was located right on the Blanco River. When I mean we stayed right on the river, this is what we looked at each day from the back porch of our cabin:

The pictures look a little foggy since it had just finished raining yesterday, but believe me, it was beautiful and convenient!
Here is Robby showing you the front of our cabin and front porch. The flowers were so pretty because of all the recent rain!
Robby and John spent a lot of time with their bikes out on the pathway to the cabin. John felt it was his job to fill in all of the little holes in the boulders with the smaller rocks. After all, you must fill in all holes! Robby spent most of his time personally spit cleaning all of the smaller rocks! Here they are with our friend's dog, Buddy. Robby talked with Buddy a lot...I think they came to a good understanding by the end of the weekend!

The rain only came the day while we were traveling there, and then came back yesterday morning as we were packing to leave! We couldn't have asked for better weather! I spent time shopping in Blanco, Johnson City and Wimberly. We also went to Market Day at Wimberly. I even completed some of my Christmas shopping! We will definitely be going back!