Sunday, January 6, 2008

Boys and Their Christmas Train

We got a new train this year to go around the tree. It is Mickey Mouse, of course! The boys could hardly wait for Daddy to get it all set up and going around the tree. As I watched and took pictures, it seemed like it was the epitome of Christmas with the boys and their train. All of the oohs and aahs that came from them is something that I will always remember!

Here is Mickey waving at the boys as he drives the train.

"Come on Daddy, can I please touch it?"

"I promise we are just looking!"

"Here it comes again!" The were so good about letting Mommy and Daddy turning the train on and off. They really did keep their hands to themselves. Not bad for a 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old!


We went to my parents house in Tyler for Thanksgiving. Tracy and her family also came for the holiday. The boys played very well together despite their age difference.

Grampa took the boys for a ride behind the tractor. Josh, my nephew, rode along with the little boys to make sure they stayed seated. I think they had a very good time!

Here is a picture of John being a angel! Robby was seated next to him at one time, but he decided to throw a fit and not have his picture taken!

John and Robby spent a lot of time playing outside. We remembered to bring their bikes and of course they always had the swing!

Halloween Costumes

For Halloween, the boys got dressed up and we went to the Festival at church. Robby was Mickey Mouse and John was a bear. Here is a picture of the boys playing a game.

Here is John playing a golf game. He did actually, finally, get the ball into the hole!

Don't all Mickey Mouses have nuggies (pacifiers)?

At the end of the night, the boys helped themselves to the suckers in the stick game. With boys this cute, who needs rules?

Halloween Day

We didn't want to dress the boys in their costumes for Day Care even though they were going to have their Halloween party; they were just too hot to wear all day. So Daddy did what all Daddy's would love to do...he spiked their hair! They looked too cute!

Time to catch up - Pumpkin Fest

Cassie, our babysitter, and I took the boys to their first Pumpkin Fest in October. The boys looked at all of the pumpkins like big orange balls. I'm not sure how many Robby tried to bounce in just the few minutes that we were there!

Each of the boys are trying them all out for size. Robby of course went for the largest ones he could find!

John picked one out that was just his size!

Robby still tried to pick one out that was a little too big. Look at his tongue sticking out as he tries to lift it!

The highlight for John was when the fire truck came. Not only did we get to see it up close, but they put each of the boys in the driver's seat!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Time

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We did this year! John learned who Santa Claus was before Christmas, but didn't actually realize that he brought him presents until Christmas morning! Usually John runs down the hall to wake us up each morning. On Christmas morning, he got distracted by the new toys that Santa left him, that he didn't even make it to our bedroom! We woke up to the sound of him playing with the toys! :) We had to wake Robby up to join in the fun. He will figure it all out next year.

Here is the picture that I used for the Christmas cards this year. I will post more pictures from Christmas once we get the downloaded.