Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Husband! I tell him often that I think he is the best Daddy in the world! John and Robby are both "Daddy's Boys" and follow him around like little shadows. They would just hang out in the garage all day with him if they could! Today, I tried to get John to say "Happy Father's Day" to Daddy, all we got out of him was "Happy Beday". We'll take it!

Here are some more pages from the Alphabet book. Appropriately, we will start with the Letter D today! Enjoy!

Daddy loves his boys! He says that they keep him young! The first picture if from Christmas in front of the large tree at Church. Richard and I are in charge of the decorations for the entire Sanctuary building. If you know my background with my mother, you'll understand that when they asked me to take charge of this I asked, "Have you been talking with my mother?" ( My mother decorated 6 trees every year for Christmas while growing up in Sugar Land.) The second picture was taken when Robby was about 2 months old. Look how little he was and how much hair he had!

These pictures show John and Robby's first bites of cereal. You can tell exactly what they thought! John was about 5 months old. Robby was closer to 6 months old.

All of these pictures were taken at Daycare. Ms. Cynthia, who teaches the 12 month to 18 month class, brings her digital camera and emails the pictures to the parents. I love it! For John, it helped me see that he was adjusting to his new class. I can't wait until Robby gets into her class in a couple of weeks. If she fills in for others in the nursery class, she takes pictures of Robby when she can. The little girl in John's pictures with the bow in her hair is Kynlee. She is John's girlfriend. You will find her close to John in most of the daycare pictures. They have been inseparable since they were in the nursery together. Of course, all of that closeness does bring squabbles and sometimes biting. Even when the teachers try to separate them because one of them is having a bad day, they are right back together again. We just hope they grow out of the biting stage soon...we've taken to calling them "love bites".

I hope you are enjoying the pictures. I will post more pages again soon!

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