Monday, June 18, 2007

More Pictures

Can I just say that both of the boys already have a sense of much as a one and two year old can have. We call John "Goofy Boy" since he just loves to be Goofy. Of course, Robby thinks John is hysterically funny!

Above John was finishing up some ravioli with tomato sauce. He had it all over him, and since he found this to be so funny, he decided to rub it all in his hair while he was at it. Thank goodness, Richard came home shortly after this picture was taken and we put him straight into the bathtub! In Robby's picture, he kept putting his head into the lawnmower handle. He would then cry to be rescued. After the third time of this repeatedly happening, Richard decided to take a picture before he rescued him!

What can I say about Robby's hair? Robby was born with a lot of hair. Even though the sides and back fell out somewhat, the top never did fall out, and it just kept growing and growing! The last picture on the right was taken just before his first haircut. He was 6 months old! He has now had 4 haircuts before he turns one!

These are more pictures from Daycare. For Thanksgiving, each class decorated hats as Indians and Pilgrims. John's class were Indians. Can you pick out which one is John? He is the one in the blue shirt! They had a lot of fun that day!


Lori said...

I'm loving all the pictures! Thanks for sharing them with all of us. It sounds like the Steadman home is a fun place to be. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Missy-Priss. We are all so very busy these days that I don't get to enjoy the real thing so the photos are fun for me. Your boys are growing so quickly - be sure not to blink. You & Richard please take care & I love the occasional updates. Love ya.