Saturday, March 14, 2009

Carnival at the Rodeo

After we finished the pony rides and Robby somewhat calmed down, we went to ride another "horse" on the carousel. They had a good time. However, Robby threw another fit when it was over. We were beginning to wonder if this was going to happen every time!

After taking a water break and letting Robby calm down, John convinced Daddy that he really wanted to go down the long slide! So, John got a sack and climbed the stairs all by himself. Daddy went up with Robby. Here they are climbing up the long stairs!

Here they are at the top of the slide. John is at the top of the yellow slide and Robby and Daddy are at the top of the pink slide.

They came down so fast that I totally missed the picture! :) They were all smiles at the bottom.

Then the boys rode this ride all by themselves. The ride's arms took the boys high and low. They had a great time.

The last thing we rode was the Ferris wheel. The loading and unloading process was a little scary for Mommy, but the boys had no fear! Once the ride got moving it was a lot of fun.
We ate a funnel cake and then headed to the car. The boys had a great day of "firsts". We will come back to the Rodeo on the last weekend. We figure we may let the boys ride a few rides again, but we will take the boys to enjoy the rodeo part and may enjoy part of the concert if they make it that far.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Pony Ride at the Rodeo

When we finished with the petting zoo we went outside to see what else we could get into! To our surprise, both boys really wanted to ride the ponies! Robby, of course, loves animals; see post below. John, however, is a little more cautious when it comes to live animals.

They very patiently waited in the long line with Daddy until their turn finally came! They had the biggest smile on their faces the entire ride!

John's pony was named Tex.

Robby's pony was named Twinkle. He called her "Winkle".

When the man took Robby down at the end of ride, Robby told him, "I not finished." And then proceeded to throw a typical Robby tantrum because he didn't get his way. We quickly moved on to the next ride! More on that later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Petting Farm at the Rodeo

After visiting Agventure at the Rodeo, we let the boys go into the Petty Farm. We didn't buy any food since, well, we didn't trust the boys. It was a good thing too since we spent most of the time trying to make sure Robby didn't kiss the animals.

Robby loves animals. He is always kissing the TV when he sees a dog or a reindeer or something else "cute". Now he kisses on GiGi all the time and I guess he could kiss these animals too.

Here is Robby trying to kiss the pig here!

Say Cheese! John and Robby standing next to a very pregnant goat.

Robby trying to kiss a goat.

John petting the pig.

Robby trying to kiss a deer.

As far as I'm aware of, Robby was never successful in his kissing attempts! We used a lot of Purell and wipies once we left though!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

John Deere Tractors

We took the boys to the rodeo today for the first time today. They had so much fun climbing in each of the tractors.

We went around to each of the exhibits in Agventure. They got to pet rabbits, see baby chickens, baby goats, and lots of cows! We also saw a few very large pigs! It is amazing what they have set up for kids...and it is a lot of fun for adults too!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

She has Eyes!

My sister asked if Gigi has eyes. Well, of course she does! Here is our pretty girl once she finally got her hair cut and trimmed up! Her little pink bow lasted a couple of days, but Daddy suggested we get her a clip with a bow so we can fix it better. The groomer left the hair on top of her head a little longer so we could keep the bow in easier.

The boys have decided that they "love" Gigi so we should keep her. She has been a great new addition to the family!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


We got a new Yorkie this week. She is a year old and a pure bred. She was left as an outside dog for the last year. We took her to the vet this week and other than an ear infection she was in pretty good condition. She will go to the groomer this week.

These pictures don't show her good personality, but it does show her pretty colors! She is a good girl and the boys are very glad that she's ours!