Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our House

They finally got pictures posted of our house today! If you have never been here check it out. If you have been here, look at the narration of the pictures and tell me if they should be changed at all. They will be back soon to take the outside pictures again during a sunny day. The current pictures were taken while Dolly came onshore; while we didn't take a direct impact, we did get plenty of rain that day.

IV Therapy went pretty well today. One stick! The nerve pain in my leg seems to be moving to the other side of the leg. It still hurts to walk, but I'm adjusting okay. Thanks for the prayers! I can feel them working!

We went to look at houses

We went to look at houses in Summerwood and Lakeshore on Sunday afternoon. This weekend we only saw the empty homes that were on our list so it would make it easier for our realtor to schedule. Several of the homes were foreclosures and needed some work...some more than others. While the extra work didn't bother us with the thought that with the financial savings we would have the money to make the repairs. Our concern was time. We can't purchase a new house without selling ours first. So we will probably need to move quickly. Items like water damage, ie, mold, really should be repaired before we move into the new house.

Then, we saw this house! It is a corporate relocation house, so the company has had the house professionally cleaned, the carpets professionally cleaned, and the entire house repainted. It was like walking into a brand new house. The previous homeowners even left their refrigerator which matches the rest of the black appliances...which is great since mine is white! The backyard isn't that big, but it does back up to a nature reserve area (with deer) so we would never have back neighbors, and it gives the illusion of a bigger backyard. The front and back yards are both nicely landscaped too! The downfall - the master bedroom is upstairs. This is the only house that I did climb the stairs to view everything. It was wonderful! The master is beautiful with a great bathroom and huge closet! The regular bedrooms are large and have plenty of room for the boys to share.

We still have several other house to check out, but I was happy to find a few options out there!

Update on my health:
After being in pain on Sunday and Monday, using the walker again, and watching the clock like mad to take my next dose of medication, this morning, I woke up very well rested! I was also able to stand without too much effort and walk to take my morning meds without crying! The nerve problem is still there, but it has certainly lightened up this morning! Thank you all so much for your prayers!! I have my IV therapy this morning again. We hope that this will also help with the nerves...but I guess it could help "wake up" another nerve for repairs too. At this point I just hope that it happens one at a time! If I get one in each leg, I most certainly will be using the wheelchair again!

My other good news today is that the maids are coming today to clean the house! I'm so excited! I can't wait to come home to a clean house! I think we will eat out for dinner tonight! :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Man that was Quick!

I received a call today at 9:45 from the group that schedules house showings. The wanted to show the house this morning between 11 and Noon. We were not prepared for this! We didn't think that the first showing would be until Saturday so we haven't gotten in the routine of making beds and so forth. At least I've been working from home!

I made up the boys' beds and straightened the playroom and bathroom. Then, while I was resting, I called my friend Ellen's house down the street thinking that maybe I could get in touch with her teenage son for help. Instead Ellen picked up the phone...my blessing from God! She had worked 4, 10 hour days so she had today off. She came over and vacuumed the whole house! I made up our bed and finished straightening the house with several breaks in the middle of it all. We finished up just in time and pulled out of the driveway at exactly 11 o'clock!

I'm not sure what anybody thought yet, but I'm praying that we sell soon so that I don't have to keep up with all of this! We are going to look at homes on Sunday afternoon. I hope that it is easy to find "just the right one" since I don't know how many stairs that I can climb. I might just have to send Richard up to check everything out.

Please continue to pray for us during this time; for my healing and for a quick turn around on selling and buying our house!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our house is for sale!

Our house is for sale! It is so exciting. Our realtor has it listed online already even though we haven't taken pictures of the house yet. She is coming by today to take the pictures, but thanks to Dolly, we are having to wait until it stops raining. Watch the link and hopefully there will be pictures posted soon.

I'm sad, nervous, and excited all at the same time. Sad because of all of our family memories here. Nervous in the fact that we could be moving in a matter of weeks if everything goes well. And excited to be moving into a larger house that would be a little closer to work; plus we already have friends in the new neighborhood. This is just so amazing!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Prayers

Yesterday went fairly well. They only had to poke me twice to get the IV inserted, so I was happy. The IVIG made my leg feel a little better; it was almost surprising how fast it felt better. However, this morning, I'm still in some pain as I wait for the morning meds to kick in.

I've decided to work from home today. It makes it a little difficult since my work cell phone doesn't get very good reception at the house. We will see how it goes.

My doctor wants me to give her a call on Thursday to give an update. If we don't see any progress by then, then I will probably have to have another IV done on Friday.

Please keep me in your prayers!!

On a side note, our realtor called us yesterday afternoon. She was trying not to pressure us into listing the house since she knows that we are working on our big to-do list. However her same firm listed a house in our neighborhood and sold it within a matter of days this week. They are also aware of two more couples that are interested in buying in our neighborhood. So this evening she is going to come over so we sign all of the papers to get our home listed. We will continue on our to-do list, but this is all very exciting! I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pray for me

We went to San Antonio this past weekend for our annual water conference. When I left town, I thought I had a slightly pulled muscle in my right thigh; most likely for PT. No big deal right?

Well as the weekend went on, my leg began to worsen. I took Tylenol, but it wasn't really working. I had to use my cane for the last part of the weekend and was very ready to come home. Once home, I took a muscle relaxer that I had from leaving the hospital. It didn't work at all! I soon discovered that it wasn't a muscle at all, but nerve pain.

The pain is so intense and causing me to not be able to straighten my knee properly that we called the on call neurologist on Sunday night. He told me that I could take two of my nerve pain medicine, but that it "may" work, but that it wouldn't hurt. My neurologist called me back yesterday morning. She called me in an additional nerve pain medicine to the pharmacy. She also moved my IVIG from Friday up to today. This is not good.

The good news is that she thinks that my nerve, although painful, is starting to repair itself. I just aggravated it in San Antonio even though I took time to rest. Please pray that God will take care of the nerve and the pain! I also need prayer that they will be able to find a vein for the IV this morning. My veins are starting to have scar tissue and they are rolling which is very challenging for the nurses, and it means that I have to be stuck more than once a lot of the time! :(

Thanks for all of your prayers!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Very Monday

I should have known that today was going to be a "very Monday" right off the bat.

I had heard on the news over the weekend that a child in Chambers County had drowned on the 4th of July. This morning I found out that the little girl, Natalie, was the same Natalie in Robby's daycare class. She was 22 months old and has been at the daycare since she was born. Please pray for her family as the start the healing process.

Then on my home today, I found out that there was an overflowing manhole in one of my Districts...which means a violation for the District. Not a great way to start my first week back!

I can't wait to find out what tomorrow is going to bring! :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


We went to an open house today in Summerwood. I fell in love with the house!

Of course, we still need to list and sell the current house...I'm still letting Richard warm up to the idea. He liked the house too, but he can't seem to get the idea of living in a deed restricted, master planned community. He starts thinking of our current expenses and the future expenses. But he forgets to think of extra 20 miles that I drive each way to work that moving would cut off; not to mention the extra time!

So my beautiful house will most likely be sold by the time we get around to selling this one. But I thought I could at least share it with you all!