Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cleaning out the Closet

As many of you know, Richard and I are preparing our house to put it on the market for sale. In preparation for meeting with the realtor this morning, we cleaned our bedroom last night. I have to admit, that I had allowed my stuff to accumulate all over the place, but with the GB, I couldn't do everything by myself. Richard has been asking me to clean out my dresser drawers and the closet...but with two toddlers, who has time?

Yesterday afternoon, I cleaned out my dresser drawers. It was amazing how much was added to the donation pile or just tossed. I can't believe that I was almost able to fill up a garbage bag with just old underwear, worn out bras, and hole-y socks! Richard dutifully loaded up the donation sack and dropped it off at the nearest donation center so that I wouldn't have an ugly bag just sitting around when the realtor came. Amazingly enough, I was able to place the items that had gathered around the room in an organized drawer, and I still have two whole empty drawers left!

The realtor came and left this morning, and I have a beautiful, clean house. This thought, along with the wonderful, easy feeling from last night motivated me to clean out my closet as promised. In thirty minutes time, I accumulated a pile of clothes that is waist high and the width of a the closet doorway. Boy was the dust flying this afternoon!

Side note: Am I the only mother out there that still has to cross my legs when I sneeze for fear of "leaking"? I know that is common when you are pregnant, but what about after pregnancy? Is this just a thing that I'm going to have live with for the rest of my life?

Most of the clothes that I have added to the donation pile were accumulated prior to me getting married, over 5 years ago. It was interesting to reminisce over the various my Disney shirts that have embroidery down the front...or those favorite outfits that I wore every week to work until they just look worn out...or even the denim dress that I wore to take our engagement pictures. Even though it is nice to think back over the years, I look forward to the shopping that will be done and the future those clothes will hold. I'm thankful God to be able to donate to people in need, and to have the money to replace them.

Now, hopefully, Richard will think the closet looks as bare as I do! I've already found some items that I want to shop for!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update on the GBS

Last Thursday I was given the release to go back to work on Tuesday, July 1st by my neurologist. We were very excited about my progress. Then that evening, I started to feel numbness again in my feet and my first two fingers and thumb. I had promised to call my doctor if I felt any sign of relapse, so we had her paged that evening. I went in on Friday morning to see the doctor and start the IVIG treatments again. The doctor has now confirmed that I have the chronic form of Guillian Barre Syndrome. It basically means that it is going to take longer to recover.

I will start having the IVIG treatments weekly and was put on additional medication. We are trying to avoid steroid treatments since it will make me gain weight, and I've already worked hard to take off 30 pounds! I will still be able to go back to work, but I will have to take it easy and watch my work load. At least I don't have to have the central line put back in to have the plasma treatments at this time; however, that will be the next action to take if necessary.

So with all of the that said, we are planning a birthday party for the boys on Saturday. Don't worry, I'm taking it easy and using the whole week to prepare. Richard is even going to let me order the birthday cake. Now you know I'm taking it easy!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pop-pop toy

So does anyone remember who bought my boys the pop-pop toy last year for their birthdays?

They each drag the thing out at certain times; however, Robby has taken to running with it around through the living room and into the kitchen...over and over again. It was so bad at one point this evening that I actually put the thing out in the garage so that we could hear ourselves think!

I just wanted to say "Thank you" to the appropriate person!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hot dogs and Yogurt

Okay, so this may sound strange...I just fed the boys dinner tonight for the first time in over 8 weeks. Now with that said, it wasn't a very healthy dinner, but they did leave the table with full tummies. Even with an easy menu, it was a little difficult for me to complete the task. It was good to sit down as we were all eating.

I came home two weeks ago using a wheelchair and a walker. That Sunday, we went to church to thank God and everyone for all of their prayers. The pastor's father in law had passed away several months ago, and the pastor's wife told me that they still had his nicer walker; in fact they kept it at the church in case someone wanted to borrow it. It was a nice surprise and it is so much easier to use! In fact, the nicer walker (with wheels and brakes) enabled me to have a little more freedom and comfort while walking and getting around.

Last Friday, a week after I got out of the hospital, I learned how to use a cane during physical therapy. I was able to walk with it with ease! So when I was finished with therapy, mom and I went to Walmart to purchase me my very own! I can not believe the progress that I have made over the last couple of weeks. As you can tell, I'm happy with the little things!

I still have PT twice a week until the end of the month. I'm now able to walk around my house with using the cane at all. You'd probably say that I was walking a little funny, and slow, but at least I can make it! I do still have to use the cane when I get up in the morning until my muscles stretch back out and when I leave the house. The idea is to get as much exercise as possible without fatiguing myself. I have to build up my stamina and balance.

See, all of a sudden, hot dogs and yogurt doesn't sound like too bad of a dinner. Maybe next time I'll add vegetables!