Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I can't believe that my baby is One today! I remember a year ago while I was in the hospital, my mom brought John up to meet is new little brother. Memo (my mom) had a t-shirt printed for John that said, "My pillow turned into a little brother." Then on the back it said, "Big Brother." I remember sitting on the hospital bed holding Robby and looking at John, who was then 13 months old, and thinking in a year, Robby will be that big. Robby is not only that size, but actually larger than John was then.

Robby has become a very confident walker now, but he still has no teeth. I checked again this afternoon, hoping that I would at least see some signs of a tooth coming in. Still nothing! Of course, it doesn't seem to slow him down in eating. Robby is at least 25 pounds. His next check up isn't until next month due to scheduling issues.

We celebrated the event tonight by going out to eat, and the boys split a scoop of ice cream. Robby really enjoyed his birthday night.

We leave town tomorrow morning to head to Corpus Christi. Richard and I are really looking forward to having a weekend on our own. The conference and parties that are scheduled will keep us busy, but we will still be without the boys. My mom has already come down and has enjoyed her first night with the boys. Right now she is reading a book to John to get him to go to sleep. Robby went fast asleep when we came much partying today!

I will post more of the alphabet book when we return!

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