Saturday, May 23, 2009

Easter in Tyler

We went to Tyler to my parent's house for Easter this year. Usually we don't travel on Easter, but with so much of my family up there this year, it seemed silly to not take use of the long weekend to travel. We had a family lunch on Saturday since the weather was going to be bad on Sunday (rainy and cooler). Afterwards, my teenage nephews were great sports and hid all of the eggs for the little boys. They did a great job! I think everyone had fun watching my boys hunt eggs. I think little kids add so much to family holidays!

And they're off!

Robby thought he was so clever putting his basket down to gather eggs. He was very proud of himself!

Showing off their finds!

Next, Aunt Becky introduced the boys to confetti eggs. John didn't like the mess ( my type A child who doesn't like his hair messed up), but Robby thought it was hysterically funny!

Robby was laughing so hard that he was crying! He just kept hitting his forehead over and over again breaking each egg and laughing harder and harder!

John stayed by Mommy and just watched the fun that Robby was having.

Look at all the cars that Easter bunny brought!

First family picture with our new dog! This is in my parents' front yard.