Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We are back!

We loved our time in Corpus, but we also loved our welcome home from the boys! I think only other parents can understand the amount of love and joy that swells up when you are welcomed with slobbery kisses and hugs by your children! It was fun!

Here are some more pages from the Alphabet book!

Since I used Daddy for "D", I had to use Mommy for "M"! I really don't like to have pictures taken, but I love these pictures of my boys! John is on the left; he was about 2 1/2 months at the time. I had just started back to work, and this was taken after I had picked him up from daycare. Honestly, John was such a daddy's boy, that he was really just smiling at Daddy! Robby was 5 months old in the picture on the right. It was Thanksgiving Day, and I remember it being a very beautiful day in Houston. The boys wore shorts to our family dinner, and we even found time to go to the park by Aunt Susan's house. Robby's long hair and big blue eyes kind of make him look a little girlie in the picture, but I can assure you that he his all boy!

Who can resist a sleeping baby, or babies in this case? John had just turned one in the picture on the left. His daycare teacher snapped the picture; she had no problem doing this, since he was always the first to sleep. Robby was 5 months old in his picture. He loves to jump! I put him in his jumperoo so that I could finish the dishes. He started to fuss, and I only had a few more bottles to finish, so I gave him his pacifier. I went back to him after I finished...and took his picture! I think he looks so sweet with his fat cheeks!

When I made the book up, John was the only one that had turned 1! He loved his party and opening presents. He especially loved his Mickey airplane! It is funny to see my stomach in the background...that's Robby! I was 8 1/2 months pregnant!

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