Friday, June 15, 2007

Backyard Fun

Backyard Fun is the title of the email that Richard sent to me the other day. I could tell it was a large file attached, and sure enough it was pictures.

I had a Board meeting last Tuesday night. When I left the house, Richard was finishing up feeding the boys their dinner. After that, they went "side" (as John would say) to play. When I came home, Richard mentioned that he gave the boys a bath. This is nothing new, since he is always the one to give them their baths (I don't like to get splashed, and he will let them play and splash as much as they want.)
Needless to say, I was surprised to find out what the pictures were.

Yes - Robby ate dirt! We have plenty of sand and dirt around our new garage and patio in the backyard. The only thing that we have had the time or money to do is bring in sand to fill in some of the holes that the construction left. We have not had time to put down sod or plant flowers, so the boys have had a blast playing the sand/mud. Isn't it funny how even at such a young age they already fit the stereo type!

Not to leave John out - Here are pictures of him from daycare. His two new things to spot while we are in the truck are buses and tractors! At the same time that he learned these two new words, construction started next door to the daycare for a new automotive repair place. John spent his entire playtime outside staring at the tractor leveling the dirt and playing with a plastic tractor at the same time. The highlight of his time outside was when the man on the top of the tractor noticed John staring, and waved at him! John was so excited!! This was such a big deal that two teachers told me all about it the next day. Here are some pictures one of them took.

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