Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I won!

Many of you know that I got a new car right before I got sick in the Spring. Well, if you didn't know, I got a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid - red! I love it! And I especially love the gas savings!

On the display, I can watch two different averages for gas mileage; one is the tank average, and the other is the trip average. The trip average is displayed kind of like a graph. The higher the miles per gallon goes, the more the graph gets filled in with white. The graph starts at 25 and goes up to 40. When you turn off the car and the gas mileage is over 35, a message flashes "EXCELLENT!"

Richard and I kind of treat it like our own little video game in the car. We compete to see who can get the highest "score". Normally, we get around 36 or 37 at the most.

On Tuesday, with perfect driving conditions into the office, I finally did it! I finally filled the whole graph with white and even went past the 40 marker! I got 41 miles per gallon!! I won the game!

Side note: I know this is silly, but when you drive 60 miles to work one direction, you have to entertain yourself somehow! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad News

I spoke with the realtor today regarding the house showing yesterday. The lady loved the house! However, her adult son that came on the showing with her, did not like the fact that the house backs up to an FM road. He "forbids" her from buying the house! My realtor told the other one that he needed to stay at home next time! :)

The irony of it all is that one of the best parts of our house is the fact that we have a new detached garage with two garage doors and a driveway that goes through the garage out to the FM road. Perfect for boaters!

So I'm sad tonight. We have the house back on the market now though. Hopefully there will be other displaced people that would like a really great 3 bedroom house in Mont Belvieu!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Please pray this morning

We are showing the house between 10 and 11 this morning. The couple that wants to see the house is a displaced family from Ike and is considered a cash buyer. They already have seen the outside of the house and are aware of the roof and garage doors that are still damaged. The are currently living in FEMA housing coverage so even though this doesn't have to happen immediately, the sale could happen fairly quickly.

After having everything on hold for the last two weeks, it is really exciting to show the house again. With the thought of all of the other displaced families out there, we are will leave the house on the market list instead of waiting for all of the repairs to be completed. This family sounds very promising and we are praying for the best!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something Extra

In light of my anniversary this past weekend, I found some of these pictures that were scanned in from our engagement session and wedding. Enjoy!

The marina that we took our engagement pictures at really got torn up during Ike. All of the boats that were left in the marina were pushed ashore and pushed right up against each other. The docks were pretty much gone. Kind of sad, but I'm sure it will be rebuilt.

No, the flowers are not real. My mother did all of the arrangements and my bouquet.

I have such a handsome husband!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I love my husband!

Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of my wedding day. It was one of the most wonderful days of my life. I remember getting our picture taken after the wedding, and the photographer told Richard to say "I love my wife!" instead of cheese, and he said "I love my....wife" with self actualization that it was actually real! I loved it; it was so cute! He and I spent our honeymoon getting used to saying the word Husband and Wife. We still cherish the use of those words and how really powerful they are!

In the more recent years, I have been able to enjoy just how wonderful of a father he is. Right now, I'm watching Richard teach John how to fold towels "perfectly" and bribing Robby with M&Ms to stay sitting on the potty and try to poopoo. Yes, that is what our life has become....who can poopoo in the potty! :) I wouldn't change it for anything in the world!

Here is the overwhelming winner of our family picture! We want to thank our friend Lisa Gower who agreed to take our pictures and really worked at getting the boys to cooperate!

I've also included some of the other really good ones of the boys!