Friday, June 29, 2007

More Alphabet Pictures

Here are some more pages for your entertainment!

Here is John painting his first water color picture while at daycare. Ms. Cynthia is so smart and creative. She is able to introduce new crafts to the kids even at such a young age by working with them individually. John is actually sitting up on the changing table and using a clip board as a table. John was around 14 months old here! I can't wait until Robby gets into her class...which should be any day now!

Who can resist a sleeping boy! This is our hotel room in Austin while we were visiting for a conference in January. Robby was 7 months old, and John was 20 months old.

Robby is my baby, but he is certainly my "BIG" boy! Richard loves the picture on the left! Most newborn pictures are of the baby all swaddled up in a blanket, but this was taken after his first bath, and it shows his actual size! He was huge! I love Robby's picture on the right because it shows his big blue eyes! Who can resist that chubby face?

I will post more pages again soon!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We are back!

We loved our time in Corpus, but we also loved our welcome home from the boys! I think only other parents can understand the amount of love and joy that swells up when you are welcomed with slobbery kisses and hugs by your children! It was fun!

Here are some more pages from the Alphabet book!

Since I used Daddy for "D", I had to use Mommy for "M"! I really don't like to have pictures taken, but I love these pictures of my boys! John is on the left; he was about 2 1/2 months at the time. I had just started back to work, and this was taken after I had picked him up from daycare. Honestly, John was such a daddy's boy, that he was really just smiling at Daddy! Robby was 5 months old in the picture on the right. It was Thanksgiving Day, and I remember it being a very beautiful day in Houston. The boys wore shorts to our family dinner, and we even found time to go to the park by Aunt Susan's house. Robby's long hair and big blue eyes kind of make him look a little girlie in the picture, but I can assure you that he his all boy!

Who can resist a sleeping baby, or babies in this case? John had just turned one in the picture on the left. His daycare teacher snapped the picture; she had no problem doing this, since he was always the first to sleep. Robby was 5 months old in his picture. He loves to jump! I put him in his jumperoo so that I could finish the dishes. He started to fuss, and I only had a few more bottles to finish, so I gave him his pacifier. I went back to him after I finished...and took his picture! I think he looks so sweet with his fat cheeks!

When I made the book up, John was the only one that had turned 1! He loved his party and opening presents. He especially loved his Mickey airplane! It is funny to see my stomach in the background...that's Robby! I was 8 1/2 months pregnant!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I can't believe that my baby is One today! I remember a year ago while I was in the hospital, my mom brought John up to meet is new little brother. Memo (my mom) had a t-shirt printed for John that said, "My pillow turned into a little brother." Then on the back it said, "Big Brother." I remember sitting on the hospital bed holding Robby and looking at John, who was then 13 months old, and thinking in a year, Robby will be that big. Robby is not only that size, but actually larger than John was then.

Robby has become a very confident walker now, but he still has no teeth. I checked again this afternoon, hoping that I would at least see some signs of a tooth coming in. Still nothing! Of course, it doesn't seem to slow him down in eating. Robby is at least 25 pounds. His next check up isn't until next month due to scheduling issues.

We celebrated the event tonight by going out to eat, and the boys split a scoop of ice cream. Robby really enjoyed his birthday night.

We leave town tomorrow morning to head to Corpus Christi. Richard and I are really looking forward to having a weekend on our own. The conference and parties that are scheduled will keep us busy, but we will still be without the boys. My mom has already come down and has enjoyed her first night with the boys. Right now she is reading a book to John to get him to go to sleep. Robby went fast asleep when we came much partying today!

I will post more of the alphabet book when we return!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Alphabet Pictures

Richard and I will be going to Corpus Christi on Thursday for a Water Conference. We are looking forward to time away. My mom will come into town tomorrow afternoon to take care of the boys this weekend. She is really looking forward to seeing the boys, especially since Robby has learned to walk since she saw him last. Robby still has that excited "look at me" expression on his face! I just love that look!

Here are some more Alphabet Pictures! I hope you enjoy them!

Can you believe that John was ever that small! He was about two weeks old when Daddy put him his hat for pictures! He had a perfect "little boy" haircut too. It is one of our favorite pictures of John. The second picture was taken in November when John was 18 months old. He pretty much still looks the same...only taller! I love the expression on his face; it is the "goofy" John coming out!

Robby was laying around on the floor one day before school. John decided that would be fun too! I have them dressed in their Fireman outfits. How appropriate was it that Spot the dog also made it in the picture? Daddy has them looking so handsome for daycare!

John loves to taste lemons and limes. With this picture, we finally got his fish-face in pictures! We have a lot of fun tasting lemons, and it is a great distraction before the food comes! Now we can ask for fish-kisses, and John happily makes the face for kisses. I love it because I no longer have to get an open-mouthed kiss. (You moms out there know exactly what I'm talking about.) John never learned how to give a pucker kiss until now!

I'll have more to post when we get back into town! Take care!

Monday, June 18, 2007

More Pictures

Can I just say that both of the boys already have a sense of much as a one and two year old can have. We call John "Goofy Boy" since he just loves to be Goofy. Of course, Robby thinks John is hysterically funny!

Above John was finishing up some ravioli with tomato sauce. He had it all over him, and since he found this to be so funny, he decided to rub it all in his hair while he was at it. Thank goodness, Richard came home shortly after this picture was taken and we put him straight into the bathtub! In Robby's picture, he kept putting his head into the lawnmower handle. He would then cry to be rescued. After the third time of this repeatedly happening, Richard decided to take a picture before he rescued him!

What can I say about Robby's hair? Robby was born with a lot of hair. Even though the sides and back fell out somewhat, the top never did fall out, and it just kept growing and growing! The last picture on the right was taken just before his first haircut. He was 6 months old! He has now had 4 haircuts before he turns one!

These are more pictures from Daycare. For Thanksgiving, each class decorated hats as Indians and Pilgrims. John's class were Indians. Can you pick out which one is John? He is the one in the blue shirt! They had a lot of fun that day!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Husband! I tell him often that I think he is the best Daddy in the world! John and Robby are both "Daddy's Boys" and follow him around like little shadows. They would just hang out in the garage all day with him if they could! Today, I tried to get John to say "Happy Father's Day" to Daddy, all we got out of him was "Happy Beday". We'll take it!

Here are some more pages from the Alphabet book. Appropriately, we will start with the Letter D today! Enjoy!

Daddy loves his boys! He says that they keep him young! The first picture if from Christmas in front of the large tree at Church. Richard and I are in charge of the decorations for the entire Sanctuary building. If you know my background with my mother, you'll understand that when they asked me to take charge of this I asked, "Have you been talking with my mother?" ( My mother decorated 6 trees every year for Christmas while growing up in Sugar Land.) The second picture was taken when Robby was about 2 months old. Look how little he was and how much hair he had!

These pictures show John and Robby's first bites of cereal. You can tell exactly what they thought! John was about 5 months old. Robby was closer to 6 months old.

All of these pictures were taken at Daycare. Ms. Cynthia, who teaches the 12 month to 18 month class, brings her digital camera and emails the pictures to the parents. I love it! For John, it helped me see that he was adjusting to his new class. I can't wait until Robby gets into her class in a couple of weeks. If she fills in for others in the nursery class, she takes pictures of Robby when she can. The little girl in John's pictures with the bow in her hair is Kynlee. She is John's girlfriend. You will find her close to John in most of the daycare pictures. They have been inseparable since they were in the nursery together. Of course, all of that closeness does bring squabbles and sometimes biting. Even when the teachers try to separate them because one of them is having a bad day, they are right back together again. We just hope they grow out of the biting stage soon...we've taken to calling them "love bites".

I hope you are enjoying the pictures. I will post more pages again soon!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I may have shared with some of you about the alphabet book that I created for Mother's Day as gifts to the boys grandmothers and great-grandmothers. I figured I could share a few pages at a time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

These pictures were taken Easter Sunday morning. They looked so handsome in the little suits that Memo (John's word for Grandma, which is my mom) got them for Christmas. Easter was unusually cold here this year, so we didn't get to wear the Spring outfits that I had picked out. We also didn't get to have an Easter Egg Hunt outside, but I'm sure there will be more time for that in the future. We did participate in a Hunt at church the day before, but it was held inside due to rain.

Richard gives the boys their baths, and my job is to get PJ's ready and be on stand by when needed. They both enjoy bath time so much! In the second picture, John was about 11 months old. We always bathed him in the kitchen sink. He loved to have soap beards!

The picture is from John's first birthday party. He loved digging into his chocolate cake. I love his white teeth showing through all of the mess! I decided he was finished with cake after he flicked some of it onto the kitchen wall. Daddy then gave him a bath in the sink!

I'll share a few more pictures with you next time!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Backyard Fun

Backyard Fun is the title of the email that Richard sent to me the other day. I could tell it was a large file attached, and sure enough it was pictures.

I had a Board meeting last Tuesday night. When I left the house, Richard was finishing up feeding the boys their dinner. After that, they went "side" (as John would say) to play. When I came home, Richard mentioned that he gave the boys a bath. This is nothing new, since he is always the one to give them their baths (I don't like to get splashed, and he will let them play and splash as much as they want.)
Needless to say, I was surprised to find out what the pictures were.

Yes - Robby ate dirt! We have plenty of sand and dirt around our new garage and patio in the backyard. The only thing that we have had the time or money to do is bring in sand to fill in some of the holes that the construction left. We have not had time to put down sod or plant flowers, so the boys have had a blast playing the sand/mud. Isn't it funny how even at such a young age they already fit the stereo type!

Not to leave John out - Here are pictures of him from daycare. His two new things to spot while we are in the truck are buses and tractors! At the same time that he learned these two new words, construction started next door to the daycare for a new automotive repair place. John spent his entire playtime outside staring at the tractor leveling the dirt and playing with a plastic tractor at the same time. The highlight of his time outside was when the man on the top of the tractor noticed John staring, and waved at him! John was so excited!! This was such a big deal that two teachers told me all about it the next day. Here are some pictures one of them took.