Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Robby's Daycare Class

Robby has moved out of the nursery at the Daycare. He is now in Ms. Cynthia's room. We love Ms. Cynthia! She takes pictures of the kids during the week and emails them to the parents. It is great to know that your child is well taken care of while you are at work!

She did the same for John. In fact, some of the best pictures that I have of John between 12 & 18 months are ones the Ms. Cynthia took. He was playing and laughing with all of his friends, and she was able to capture the moment! I used several of her pictures in the book that I created for Mother's day (see below).

Here are some pictures that she has taken of Robby during the month of July.

I will share more pages of the book soon! I believe we are almost all the way through the alphabet.

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