Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Boys' Birthday Party

I have finally downloaded pictures from the Boys' Birthday party during Memorial Day weekend. We had a lot of fun celebrating John turning two and Robby turning the big one!

Here is picture of me with the boys right before we opened gifts. It is really hard to get both of them to smile and look at the camera at the same time!

They enjoyed all of their gifts. Briar, my friend and co-worker's son, helped opened gifts. John and Briar are only nine days apart. We attended Briar's party, and John helped open all of his gifts. It was only fair for Briar to get in on the fun too!

Next came cake time! I made two cakes this year. First, a lemon train for John. I decorated it with only a little icing and candies. The second train cake, was chocolate for Robby. I wanted him to be able to dig in! And boy did he ever! Memo, my mother, gave Robby a bath in the kitchen sink after Robby was finished!

We took the boys to Sears for their birthday pictures. We got some really good ones. Here are a few. We have the whole proof CD, but the prints we will pick up in a few weeks will be all finished and brushed up.


Lori said...

I absolutely LOVE the lemon train cake. What a great idea for the smoke stack. You are such a good mommy! We enjoyed visiting with you all at the wedding!
Love ya!

Missy said...

I have the cake pan if you ever want to borrow it! I just decorated it with the store bought decorator icing. I know that is not very "Missy like", but it worked!