Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Last of the Alphabet Book

These are the last pages of the alphabet book.

Doesn't John look so little in these pictures? John learned to walk about 1 week after this first birthday. He is really strutting his stuff at daycare! Robby wasn't walking at the time I made the book, but he did start walking about two weeks before his 1st birthday. I may have to reuse this letter again next year.

What else was I going to use for the letter X? I just wanted to show off John's cute smile, and Robby's big blue eyes! I think they are such cuties, but of course I'm partial!

Robby loved sitting in the bluebonnets and the tall grass. He was having a blast exploring his surroundings. These were taken at the end of April on our way home from Austin. It was the end of the wildflower season, but I was determined to get some pictures! John had just awaken from his nap, and he wasn't sure why we plopped him down in the tall grass!

John is 13 months old in these pictures. I had just had Robby, and my mother took John home to Tyler with her for a week and a half while I healed from my c-section. We went up to Tyler to pick him up and to show Robby off to his great-grandmothers. John was so excited to see us, and of course we were very excited to see him too! He and Daddy spent time running through the sprinkler out of the blue! John thought this was great fun and that Daddy was crazy! I'm just glad that I had the camera to capture all of the fun!

I hope that you have enjoyed the book. I had a lot of fun remembering all of the memories of the last two years. Memo wants another book next year! I may start working on it soon!

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