Thursday, July 26, 2007

Superman and More

Here are more pictures from the alphabet book!

I searched hard for the perfect first Halloween costume for John. He was so hot natured that some of the infant costumes were just too hot for Houston. And then, I found the perfect solution! He was to be Superman! It was a perfect large bib that covered this entire torso. I just put a red one piece outfit underneath to complete the look. Of course I didn't know at the time (I found out about a week later) that I would get to use it again! So Robby, too, was Superman for his first Halloween!

If you look very closely, John is showing you his first tooth on his top left. Both boys got a top tooth first; however, Robby didn't have a tooth yet when I was putting together the book this year. I guess I will have to use T for Tooth again next year and get Robby's picture in too!

John, 18 months old, showed us is independence on Thanksgiving Day by going up and down the slide all by himself! Aunt Susan and Uncle Bob have a great park just down from their house that is perfect for spending up all of that extra energy! Yes, we are wearing shorts...I believe it as in the 80's that day!

This was another picture taken at daycare. It is hard to tell, but there is a Lima bean and a pasta shell stuck to John's face up near his eye. At least it is proof that he will eat vegetables even though he doesn't do it for me very often!

I'll be back soon to finish up the end of the alphabet!

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