Friday, September 5, 2008

More Pages from the Alphabet Book

This group of letters have some of my favorite photos in them!

John's pictures were taken on Thanksgiving weekend when we went to see my parents. I think that John looks like he could be a kid model in these pictures! My sweet little boy!

These photos are very special to me. When I was in the hospital, Cynthia, one of the daycare teachers sent pictures of the boys to me on a regular basis. She made sure to get some happy pictures of the boys kidding around!

Cynthia also took these pictures of Robby. You can tell that he has a great time at daycare. It is nice for a mom to know that her kids are having a good time and are well cared for.

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Sean, Brenda, Grace and Maggie Cornish said...

Cynthia has been able to capture some GREAT pictures of the boys!! I'm sure they were golden during your stay in the hospital.