Sunday, September 7, 2008

Are You Bored Yet? We are Half Way Through!

We are half way through the alphabet!

The first picture was taken at the boys' 1st and 2nd birthday parties. No they are not twins...I know they look alike...but Robby is still a baby here! The second picture was taken on the morning of Halloween. Since we weren't sending the boys to daycare in their costumes due to the heat, Richard spiked their hair. They loved it, but still looked like my adorable boys!

We went to the beach last June. We thought this was a good way to rinse the sand off; so we stripped them down and let them play. Be sure to click on this picture and notice Robby smiling at the camera. That's right, he still didn't have any teeth! He started getting his first tooth about a week after his first birthday, but you still couldn't see it here! :)

Robby is my big boy! These were taken at the party!

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