Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our house is for sale!

Our house is for sale! It is so exciting. Our realtor has it listed online already even though we haven't taken pictures of the house yet. She is coming by today to take the pictures, but thanks to Dolly, we are having to wait until it stops raining. Watch the link and hopefully there will be pictures posted soon.

I'm sad, nervous, and excited all at the same time. Sad because of all of our family memories here. Nervous in the fact that we could be moving in a matter of weeks if everything goes well. And excited to be moving into a larger house that would be a little closer to work; plus we already have friends in the new neighborhood. This is just so amazing!

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HasseMomma said...

Wow! That was quick! I guess making the decision to sell is the hardest part. What a relief to hear houses are going fast in your neighborhood. Houses around here are moving quite slow.
Hope your leg feels better! I'm glad to hear that your Dr. is staying on top of things.
Love ya!