Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Prayers

Yesterday went fairly well. They only had to poke me twice to get the IV inserted, so I was happy. The IVIG made my leg feel a little better; it was almost surprising how fast it felt better. However, this morning, I'm still in some pain as I wait for the morning meds to kick in.

I've decided to work from home today. It makes it a little difficult since my work cell phone doesn't get very good reception at the house. We will see how it goes.

My doctor wants me to give her a call on Thursday to give an update. If we don't see any progress by then, then I will probably have to have another IV done on Friday.

Please keep me in your prayers!!

On a side note, our realtor called us yesterday afternoon. She was trying not to pressure us into listing the house since she knows that we are working on our big to-do list. However her same firm listed a house in our neighborhood and sold it within a matter of days this week. They are also aware of two more couples that are interested in buying in our neighborhood. So this evening she is going to come over so we sign all of the papers to get our home listed. We will continue on our to-do list, but this is all very exciting! I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear your appointment went fairly well. I hope the house does sell fast. I loved the pictures of the house you looked at. It is beautiful. Even if it isn't still available something even more wonderful will come along. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)


TexasAg said...

Missy, I'm sorry about your leg and the stress that comes along with it all not going as smoothly as you hoped :-( I'm glad you are moving along with life as well as you can, though. I hope all goes well with the house! I Love you, girl!