Friday, July 25, 2008

Man that was Quick!

I received a call today at 9:45 from the group that schedules house showings. The wanted to show the house this morning between 11 and Noon. We were not prepared for this! We didn't think that the first showing would be until Saturday so we haven't gotten in the routine of making beds and so forth. At least I've been working from home!

I made up the boys' beds and straightened the playroom and bathroom. Then, while I was resting, I called my friend Ellen's house down the street thinking that maybe I could get in touch with her teenage son for help. Instead Ellen picked up the blessing from God! She had worked 4, 10 hour days so she had today off. She came over and vacuumed the whole house! I made up our bed and finished straightening the house with several breaks in the middle of it all. We finished up just in time and pulled out of the driveway at exactly 11 o'clock!

I'm not sure what anybody thought yet, but I'm praying that we sell soon so that I don't have to keep up with all of this! We are going to look at homes on Sunday afternoon. I hope that it is easy to find "just the right one" since I don't know how many stairs that I can climb. I might just have to send Richard up to check everything out.

Please continue to pray for us during this time; for my healing and for a quick turn around on selling and buying our house!


Sean, Brenda, Grace and Maggie Cornish said...

WOW!! That was fast!! Thank goodness for friends who are willing to help make deadlines!

Just my 2 cents worth, but think twice about a 2 story house. With all the pain you are dealing with as you heal, the stairs will not be a welcome sight. Just something to think about! :o)

HasseMomma said...

Great news! Hope things move fast!