Monday, October 13, 2008

Nap time

Every Sunday we race home from church or out to a restaurant in order to get lunch in before the boys fall asleep in the car. They have such an active time at church that they are usually hungry and exhausted.

Yesterday was no exception. We went out to lunch and had to leave before the boys were finished because their tired, ugly side was coming out for the world to see. (Yes, they do have this side!) I finally got John down in my bed. Robby got in trouble for playing around, so I put him back in his bed. I went back to watching the Texans game.

About 10 minutes later, I hear noises coming from the playroom. I went to check it out, and then grabbed my camera. This is what I found!

When he heard the camera flash, he turned around to say "cheese"; just like he wasn't doing anything wrong. He is certainly the charmer.

By the way, THE TEXANS WON!!


Jacy said...
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Jacy said...

That is classic! Hey, if they aren't bothering me I pretend not to notice!! IT's like therapy I think for a toddler to have "down time" in the playroom with all their "friends" you hear them talking to! CUte playroom colors!

Jacy said...

I deleted the first comment because I mispelled & wrote crazy sentences that made no sense. It's 1:40am at the hospital...what can I say.