Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mother's Day Book

Last year, I started a tradition of giving photo books to the boys' grandmothers and great-grandmothers on Mother's Day. As most of you know, I was still in the hospital on Mother's Day this year; in fact I had been there for several weeks by then. I didn't have the time to complete the books this year in time...well I had the time, but I couldn't hold the computer or type! :)

I have finally finished the book this weekend and I've sent it to print. So for your reading enjoyment I will post a few pages at a time from this year's book. It covers the time period of May 2007 - May 2008. John was 2 and Robby was 1. Some of the pictures were taken at Day Care, by Robby's teacher, Cynthia Young, and there are also a few pictures taken by Sean and Brenda Cornish. You can always click on the picture to enlarge and then hit the back button to return to my blog. I hope you enjoy!

As a side note, the 2007 Mother's Day book was on display at the hospital during my long stay. It gave me my precious boys to look at, but also something to talk about with the staff besides my current medical condition! ;) I can always talk about my boys!

The above pictures were from a collage of the pictures taken at Sears for their birthdays. I love these smiles!

We have so many pictures taken of the boys always takes so many shots to get a couple of good ones! ;) Yes, they are riding in their Tonka truck.

Last we did John's cake picture, so this year it was Robby's turn! He had chocolate cake everywhere. Grandma put him immediately into the kitchen sink to wash him down! We learned from John to go ahead and strip down to the diaper before eating was just easier that way. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is about to celebrate a first birthday!

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