Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Neighbor Called 911

We got a call from our neighbor this afternoon that our air conditioner had caught on fire!! Thank goodness for retired neighbors and neighbors that work shift work! They were able to call 911, and since we live in a small town, all sorts of emergency services responded. I think the final count was 4 police officers, 1 fire truck, and 1 emergency response vehicle!

Of course with that many responders, the fire didn't have a chance of getting beyond the air conditioner to the house, so everything is safe and sound! We didn't remember giving the neighbor Richard's phone number, but evidently we gave her his business card a couple of years ago when we went out of town. She was cleaning out her "junk" drawer earlier this week and ran across his card. I know that God was certainly watching out for us today!

Richard called his brother, who pretty much has all sorts of contacts around town, and was able to give his a referral for an air conditioning person. Richard called me about the accident around 2:10 this afternoon after he got called. The new air conditioner was installed by 5:30! Now that's service! Once again, God was watching out for us.

What could have been a very bad situation turned out to not be so bad after all...well except for the expense of a new air conditioner! At least I don't have to worry about a new house and belongings!


Sean, Brenda, Grace and Maggie Cornish said...

Wow! I am not sure which is more shocking... the fact that your house caught fire, or that the new AC was installed so quickly, OR the fact that you updated your blog!!

I am glad you guys are all safe and that you were blessed with a pretty "easy" resolution.

Love ya!

HasseMomma said...

I must agree with the first comment! Do we have to call 911 for you guys more often to hear from you????
I'm glad all went as well as it could. It's great to see how the Lord sovereignly took care of everything! Whew!

Missy said...

Haha. You guys are funny!