Sunday, March 30, 2008


The boys got to participate in two different Easter egg hunts. One was the week before Easter at the City Hall. It is really nice to live in a small community that they can still put on such an event. We didn't get pictures of that hunt since the battery died in the camera. However, they picked up eggs until their baskets were full and then started putting eggs in other kids baskets. They had the right idea, but I think they thought we were just telling them to help "clean up".

The Saturday before Easter, the church hosted an egg hunt. The Easter bunny was there and posed for pictures with all of the kids. Robby didn't want to have anything to do him, however, John was ready to have his picture made.

The next picture is Robby while he was picking up Easter eggs. Of course at this age, it is not much of a hunt!

The next two pictures are from Easter morning. This was the first year that John has actually learned that the Easter bunny brings you things in your basket! They were a lot fun to watch go through their baskets. It was almost as fun as Christmas morning (and a lot cheaper!).


Sean, Brenda, Grace and Maggie Cornish said...

I guess you finally located your camera cord?

Missy said...

No, but we have other ways!