Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soccer Otherwise Known as Swarmball

The boys have really enjoyed playing soccer this fall for the first time ever! Really, it's just Swarmball as 5 members from each team go after the ball all over the field. They just travel in a pack and kick the ball together. The goal is just to break out of the swarm and score! It is very exciting when it actually happens since everyone works so hard! :)

Robby's team is made up of 3 and 4 year olds, so some games are filled with a lot of tears and temper tantrums. Robby enjoys playing though and he really likes to be the goalie. Mommy would prefer that he is out there running as much as possible since he seems to have a lot of energy that needs to be used up.

John's team is just 5 year olds. John is really good at running and kicking the ball hard to clear the swarm. John scored a goal on his first game, but hasn't scored any others since. However, today, he had 2 assists in goals, so he was just as happy! We have really been encouraging teamwork with John since he really likes to do too much on his own.

I've enjoyed being a soccer mom! We have 2 more weeks and then it will be basketball season. I think we will just sign up John for basketball and let Robby wait until next year. We'll see how that goes; Robby may have a different opinion since he thinks he can do everything that John can!

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Sean Cornish said...

Glad they are having fun. and glad to see you have picked back up with the blog. love ya.