Monday, March 9, 2009

Petting Farm at the Rodeo

After visiting Agventure at the Rodeo, we let the boys go into the Petty Farm. We didn't buy any food since, well, we didn't trust the boys. It was a good thing too since we spent most of the time trying to make sure Robby didn't kiss the animals.

Robby loves animals. He is always kissing the TV when he sees a dog or a reindeer or something else "cute". Now he kisses on GiGi all the time and I guess he could kiss these animals too.

Here is Robby trying to kiss the pig here!

Say Cheese! John and Robby standing next to a very pregnant goat.

Robby trying to kiss a goat.

John petting the pig.

Robby trying to kiss a deer.

As far as I'm aware of, Robby was never successful in his kissing attempts! We used a lot of Purell and wipies once we left though!

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