Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Funny Boys

I'm always telling people how funny my boys are, but I can't always come up with the things that they say. So, I've decided that I need to start writing about them in my blog.

John is so smart, but it always comes out in the strangest ways! Tonight, we were pulling into the parking lot at Arby's for dinner. All of sudden, John yells out, "Park it Daddy!" Mind you, we have never heard him use this phrase before!

The other night, I was trying to open Robby's sippy cup to add more milk for dinner. John asked what I was doing when he saw me struggling to get the lid off (my fingers were actually cramping up from the grip). Out of the blue, John yells out "Go, go Mommy!" He is such an encourager. I started laughing and got out a new cup.

One night this week, the boys were in their playroom having a good time. John comes running down the hallway shouting, "Mommy! Mommy! Robby's poopy!" then he starts to gag! Yes, he is just like his father! I look up and Robby is standing in the playroom doorway saying, "I not poop-py!" He was; he just didn't want to stop playing to get changed. John couldn't look at Robby without gagging until I finished getting him changed!

It is never boring at the Steadman House!

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