Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I won!

Many of you know that I got a new car right before I got sick in the Spring. Well, if you didn't know, I got a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid - red! I love it! And I especially love the gas savings!

On the display, I can watch two different averages for gas mileage; one is the tank average, and the other is the trip average. The trip average is displayed kind of like a graph. The higher the miles per gallon goes, the more the graph gets filled in with white. The graph starts at 25 and goes up to 40. When you turn off the car and the gas mileage is over 35, a message flashes "EXCELLENT!"

Richard and I kind of treat it like our own little video game in the car. We compete to see who can get the highest "score". Normally, we get around 36 or 37 at the most.

On Tuesday, with perfect driving conditions into the office, I finally did it! I finally filled the whole graph with white and even went past the 40 marker! I got 41 miles per gallon!! I won the game!

Side note: I know this is silly, but when you drive 60 miles to work one direction, you have to entertain yourself somehow! :)


Sean, Brenda, Grace and Baby Cornish said...

That's funny, but you are still crazy for driving that far!

The Songy Clan said...

wow, that is awesome! I want a hybrid too!